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As an outstanding innovator in China' s digital video surveillance industry, HIKVISION maintains 60% market share over the years, achieves a turnover of approximate RMB1, 7million in 2008, and ranks No. 1 from development to manufacturing in China’ s DVR industry. All products are based on our own IPR, ranging from A/ V compression boards to standalone net DVR, net DVS and IP cameras, etc.
For sales revenue, HIKVISION ranks No. 15 in the world for CCTV industry by A& S 2008. HIKVISION owns 1024 employees including 328 engineers. Besides, we are the strategic partner of TI and Object Video, which are the biggest DSP chip manufacturer and intelligent software supplier.
You can find the relative information in the following URL:
http: / / focus.ti.com/ docs/ pr/ pressrelease.jhtml? prelId= sc07068
If any of the items listed in the catalogue meet your interest, please let us have your specific enquiry as soon as possible.
For further information, please visit http: / / en.hikvision.com/ .

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